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ANTIGAMA’s sixth studio full-length since forming in 2000, “Meteor” is the revered act’s first proper album since 2009’s acclaimed “Warning”, and following two LPs with Relapse Records, will see the band returning to longtime allies Selfmadegod Records, their first LP for the label since 2005’s innovative “Zeroland”. The recently completed composition “Meteor” once again proves all over again why the band continually reaps such accolades with the media fans as both one of the most brutal bands of the genre as well as one of the most cutting-edge. With eleven new tracks of primal ANTIGAMA annihilation, “Meteor” reverts back to some of the bands more intimately brutal early material with thirty minutes of ultra-tight grindcore explosiveness, yet continues to carry the band’s detrimentally inventive edge, integrating brief progressive soundtrack ventures and more noise and programming elements. Recorded at Progresja Studio in Warsaw with producer Pawel "Janos" Grabowski (Masachist, Lost Soul) and mastered by Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer), the album also features a guest appearance by Michal Lapaj from world renowned Polish progressive rock band Riverside.
Meteor is not only Antigama’s personal best, but also the best grind album I’ve heard in 2013.No Clean Singing
Antigama's Meteor crashes through your speakers like that Star Destroyer that eclipsed the screen at the start of the first Star Wars film. The band's implacable intergalactic oddball-core just grows and expands until its futuristic sheen obscures your vision, burning out your retinas with the flare of its receding ion drives. – Grind And Punishment
These Warsaw natives play as fast and hard as anyone, but differ when it comes to their rhythmic adventure and Sebastian Rokicki’s guitar tone. The concern isn’t thick and heavy, but having six strings sound like John Rambo’s bowie knife artfully scraping a sheet of burning tinfoil while cracking out staccato patterns like Sugar Ray Robinson on a lead speed bag. DECIBEL MAGAZINE
I didn’t realize I was going to start off my morning being assaulted by the sounds of Antigama. I didn’t know quite what to expect when I hit play and what I was exposed to was brutal to say the least. In a vein much like Napalm Death, Antigama’s concoction of Grindcore comes complete with all the viciousness you should expect, but this Polish outfit has a unique flair to them…almost like Napalm Death meets Voivod, just heavier on the Grindcore. - A Metal State Of Mind
Whereas most bands would be content to tread water in place, Antigama have simply refined and articulated themselves and they’re left sounded more venomous and more brutal than ever before. - Heavy Blog Is Heavy
In any case, this is a solid album and to me sounds better than the previous two ANTIGAMA releases, so if you know the Polish Metal scene, then this is your next investment. And that also means that I will end this presentation by throwing at you this cliché: “Meteor” appeals to the fans of extreme Death Metal with a pinch of progressive. - Metal Kaoz

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