MY MINDS MINE - 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet CD

  • MY MINDS MINE - 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet CD
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Dutch My Minds Mine unleashes 48 tracks taken from all vinyl output released through the years delivering unbelievably fast devastating high speed octane grindcore reminiscent of old S.O.B., Brutal Truth, early Napalm Death and Heresy. Powerful production, blasting drums, and growling/screamed vocals. The CD compiles three split seven inches, debut Unseen World 7", split 10" with Head Hits Concrete, two compilation tracks, and an unreleased live set. Awesome!

In Music We Trust:
The name of the band and the CD cover for this made my think it was a sXe band. Fortunately there was a sticker on the CD to let me know it was high octane grindcore. In other words, oldschool grind. The kind that rips and tears. Growls and screams. Rumbles and roars. Explodes and burns. This is the kind of grindcore that will always have a place in the scene because it is the kind that you put on and people say "Hey, I think your stereo is broken." It may be generic, but it is also awesome. Think BRUTAL TRUTH in the early years with less distinction, but equal amounts of fury. I love every blast-beating second of it!
Oh my god....this is Grindcore how it should be. My Minds Mind remind me a lot of my all time faves S.O.B., Heresy and a little bit of Electro Hippies...damn...this is not just brutal music with meaningless crawls in the back...My Minds Mine are fast, but you can hear every single tone of the instruments...I love well done productions and "48 Reasons To Leave This Planet" is defnetly a high quality product with a lot of power and earthshattering energy. Damn...last time I heard such a good Grind album was back in the 80´s when the Heresy/Concrete Sox Split came out...I was blasted by so much hate, but "48 Reasons To Leave This Planet" grinds around on the same level...AWESOME.
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