RAPTURE - Sinister Creation CD

  • RAPTURE - Sinister Creation CD
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Blazing and violent death metal carnage here from this killer Mexican band! 9 tracks of fast, grooving, thrashy and decidely brutal shit that draws heavily from Morbid Angel's frantic fast paced style and Immolation's dark and evil brand of death with a bunch of energetic speed metal riffing ala Slayer for a violent and relentless album's worth of punishment, ending with a Grave cover too! Includes members from BLOOD REAPING, CENOTAPH (MEX), HACAVITZ, IMPIETY, RAPED GOD 666, DEMOGORGON!

Rapture is a death metal band from Mexico that has been plying the trade since 2005 and Sinister Creation is their second album.
I haven’t heard the debut album from the band and wasn’t too sure what to expect from Rapture but as opener Creation of Death came charging out of the speakers I was left with little doubt. The band basically play an intensely brutal strain of death metal that owes much to the school of Morbid Angel with some Immolation style dissonance thrown in for good measure. The vocals are consistently guttural and quite powerful and the music is given its backbone by a truly excellent performance behind the drum kit by Ivan Herrera. Miguel’s guitar tone is thick and possesses a face ripping that is at front and centre of the songs on Sinister Creation. The band sound raw, brutal and completely fucking pissed off.
Stand out tracks include the absolutely face ripping Morbid Thoughts which sounds like Blessed Are The Sick era Morbid Angel going head to head with Failures For Gods era Immolation. That’s a pretty heavy place to be and Rapture maintains the consistency of their attack right through this 40 minute album. Other highlights are the massive wall of sound of Clockwork Hatred, Atrophied Mind and Abysmal Sentence and the band close the album out with a blistering cover of Grave’s Bullets Are Mine.
Like most Central and South American extreme metal bands, Rapture manage to sound genuinely pissed off in their delivery. The material on offer is pretty derivative. Take away the work of Slayer, Morbid Angel and Immolation from the genre and chances are Rapture would never have even existed but they deliver these songs with so much pissed off aggression and all round brutality that the fact that it’s been done before stops being a consideration. There isn’t a tired moment on this album and the band sound like they are playing for their lives.
This is above average death metal for fans of the genre. Check it out and chances are you’ll come away quite happy.

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