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  • DISPHERE - Shinra Tensei CD
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Modern Brutality since 2006. A new band with a new Sound. After the 'ABSCIENCE' promo, Disphere come out with their first official album 'Shinra Tensei' just imagine a sphere of sound. Imagine the extreme tension of Cephalic Carnage colliding with the progressive structures of Sikth inside this sphere.

Imagine the Meshuggah rythmic patterns pulsating against the Scarve modern surface. And the Cynic solos echoeing all around. Now make this sphere of sound explode in a mental carnage.

Disphere is this explotion.

Born from brothers Michele and Carmine Pirozzi, together with the youg drummer Gabriele, Disphere is a triothat sounds like a legion of screaming demons, creating extreme progressive, yet in your face tracks.

Disphere's first album “Shinra Tensei” is a cocept album that perfectly synthetizes the sound of the band.

Enteirely recorded, produced and mixed by Disphere, at nero sound studio. It will let you get inside this sphere of sound and make you explode with it.

I'm completely new to Italy's Disphere, I'm not surprised in the slightest, but I feel like I've missed out. This is one of the biggest surprises I've had for a long time.
To put it bluntly, Disphere's second album "Shinra Tensei" is like a slightly more straightforward version of Gorguts' "Obscura". That's about as close as I can really get, as "Obscura" was the first thing that came to mind when I first put this on - it's pure death metal that's extremely atmospheric, very melodic and at times completely bizarre with it's timing, technique and progression. Whilst nowhere near as mindfucking insane as the aforementioned Gorguts record, it gives off the exact same vibe at times, though it's certainly a much easier listen because of this. Clean-cut production and thunderous melodic grooves amidst all the chaos help make DIsphere's sound appealing to a more casual death metal fan, with tracks such as 'As Leaves Fall, This Autumn Shall Bleed' showcasing some fantastic memorable riffing despite it's rather emo title, and there're plenty of tempo changes and clean guitars mixed into everything to help break up the pace. Yeah, it's probably nothing you haven't heard before, but it's the sheer quality of the music that matters here - and quality is exactly what you'll find, though such eclectic mixing of styles may not be to everbody's taste.
Yet another brief summary from me, but as usual, there's little to say - try and get a copy of "Shinra Tensei" as soon as possible. Fans of death metal, melodic metal and technical stuff will all find something to appreciate here.

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