LIGHT OF DARK - World War Satan CD/DVD

  • LIGHT OF DARK - World War Satan CD/DVD
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Brutal unlrelenting death metal from Mexico! Includes free DVD from their European tour + lots of extras on it. Ltd to 400 pieces only!

Metal Archives:
This is the third album of Mexican band Light Of Dark. Unfortunately I didn’t hear two previous releases, but I think it is not a handicap in this case. A look-over on the front cover and album’s title and everything is clear – death metal or how the band probably call this – brutal death metal. Less clear is the matter of length of the songs and I was terrified a bit seeing running time on my cd player: 55 minutes! All right, after two minutes of unnecessary introduction, the first tunes of music storming my mind. Storm, it is good word describing all I can hear. This track “Unnatural Criminals” is a good omen of music to come and on this track I can built almost whole review: the music of Light Of Dark is a mix of unmerciful riffs and drum blasts supported by inhuman (but rather typical for that genre) growling. There is no time for sonic serenity, and the massacre lasts over six minutes.
The hard fact is that these Mexican worshippers of brutality don’t propose originality. The second obvious thing for me is where I can search musical influences for them. One short word: Brazil and practically two bands come to my mind – Krisiun and Rebaelliun. Light Of Dark enrolls on the list of such intense, blasphemous death metal, of course it is not the same level like these two legendary bands but they have ability to conquer the second league. The main problem with this recording is the length of the album mentioned above. And really I do not know what reason determined them to record such long death metal beasts. Even comparing to the Brazilian masters, you won’t find there monstrous tracks like e.g. “Mother Death” lasting over eight minutes. The band cannot fight with boredom during such long songs (also “Patient Zero”) and this is the main blame of Mexican work.
Yes, I wrote about one gross mistake and that’s all about the bad side of the album. And I have to write that good things rather tip the scales. I have to praise very good production, especially drums with killing and crushing sound. About riffs: nothing new here I can hear, guitarists try to enrich song structures by adding some minimal easier ‘melodies’ and first thirty seconds of the title track remind me of mighty old Dismember. I wrote above about length of the songs and not always musicians can manage to catch attention of listener (title track, and two longest ones). Also I would like to hear more guitar solos, of course there are some, but nothing special I think. It is very hard to choose the best song (with bad ones – there’s no problem), maybe two last killers: “Blasphemy Chaos Destruction” with quite memorable guitar work and the last one on the album “Dead Children Cry” which I can put it into Krisiun discography – no noticeable difference. Quite interesting is also “Electronic Voice Phenomena” – the slowest, with varied kind of vocals, marching powerful riffs and two guitar solos (I think the best on the album) and superb Minos performance. This is like a brake in hurricane of ruthless riffs and blasts, just like similar operation on Reballiun’s debut (“Flagellation Of Christ”). So, what is my advice to the band? For sure: decrease the length of songs (maximum six minutes), add more guitar solos and get rid of useless intro (I would like to listen to instrumental track – only guitars and drums) – optimal time for metal album with such intense music is about forty minutes. It is obvious that with no intro and two longest songs, this album would get a better mark.
To sum all the things up, I recommend this stuff for brutal metalheads. I think it is a good music for disciples of Brazilian school of death metal with bands I mentioned just above. You won’t find here originality or twisted, broken and complex structures, only pure metal of death in the vein of Brazilian masters. That’s enough to listen to these Mexican.

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