DYING HUMANITY - Living on the Razor’s Edge CD

  • DYING HUMANITY - Living on the Razor’s Edge CD
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Dying Humanity’s new album is called “LIVING ON THE RAZOR'S EDGE“. Visually supported by a stunning comic-styled artwork (once again by Gustavo Sazes), “LIVING ON THE RAZOR´S EDGE“ tells the tale of a woman that experiences all the hardships mankind is able to provide from a broken home over drugs, hypocrisy and abuse until a bitter end. Unfortunately, a story that is all too real nowadays especially in our rich, well-stuffed society.

Metal Archives:
Dying Humanity is a German death metal band, now releasing their third effort. I have not had the pleasure of hearing the previous albums, but ‘Living On A Razor’s Edge’ provides a pleasant musical variation on the death/thrash genre which is not original in itself, but the construction of the album is. Lyrically it deals with the story of a woman that experiences the hardships of modern society like drugs, broken families etcetera. Or in general: how we fuck up our daily life again and again. Song titles like ‘Abused’ and ‘Addicted’ leave nothing to the imagination. Musically the album kicks off with the longest song (about 7 minutes) in a furious manner with riffs familiar to the Swedish melodic death metal genre and bands like Dark Tranquility but after two minutes the song stops and you only hear the murmur of an ocean after which the song continues like before with fast riffs, solos and screaming vocals when the song ends on an acoustic note that continues in the second song, an intermezzo of about 40 seconds. A weird start to an album, but musically very pleasing to the ears. Nice and fast, riffs that stand out and solos that matter. Vocalist Dietzscher tells the story of the main character in a convincing way by using screams and grunts, helped by the fast guitars familiar to this well-known death metal sound. Musically not very original as I said but lyrically a very interesting take on the subject, take for instance the spoken words at the end of ‘Abused’ that passes into ‘Perception’ a short, quiet intermezzo. A good record with a daring approach.

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