KING - Forged By Satan's Doctrine CD

  • KING - Forged By Satan's Doctrine CD
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Producer: Deathgasm

Blasting and uncompromising death/black metal from Colombia. Crushing the gates of heaven, KING has brutally risen to the throne of evil and crude metal for 2012! 11 tracks, plus 2 videos.


Metal Archives:
Make an appointment with you doctor after this listen to make sure there isn't any permanent damage to your butt hole; because these guys rape with no lube. Hailing from Colombia, these giants mix a monstrous form of blackened death together to give it a sound close to early Emperor mixed with Deicide. That is probably the easiest way to imagine their sound. A darker sounding Deicide on steroids... Or more steroids, if I may. They have many of the tremolo picking riffs topped with insane blast beats, to those slamming death metal power chord riffs that just crush your soul with the double kick. And they do all of that while keeping the old school sound and managing to NOT sound like recycled garbage.
The album starts off with an intro track dubbed "Summon Shub-Niggurath Ye Black". Which can only be taken to mean this is some kind of sweet ass Satanic ritual. For a intro track it does move very quickly. Then right when the noise dies down the band kicks it in to maximum overdrive and rips your face off right away with the blast beats and fast paced riffage. It's very hard to believe this drummer is actually human. He doesn't let up for one moment the whole time. You seriously might wonder if they are using drum machine. When the guitar players are melting faces with the black metal tremolo riffs the drums are blasting away. And when you get to the slower chunky choruses, he doesn't let the tempo slide and keeps the energy up with double kicks that could compete with Morbid Angel. Yeah... Morbid Angel. That's how good he is.
There isn't one part of this album that slacks in the least bit. During some of what must be the chorus' in the songs, the guitars might play those crunchy power chord riffs that sound slower, or half or whole notes for the musically educated, and the bass will even come out and play a lead! And while that is going on, the lead the bass player is playing will be complementing what the guitar player is doing. Like a melody without sounding melodic if that makes sense. This is very present in 2:25 of When The Walls In Heaven Turn In Black and the first track. And with the vocals that match Glen Benton's highs really make for a hellishly awesome sound!
What makes this whole thing is the involvement of every member. The guitar riffs are crushing in every song and the leads are spectacular. It really stands out is the involvement of the bass player in a genre of music like this. And not to mention the drums that just rape souls. If there were any criticism in the world worth mentioning is that there needs to be more guitar solos. But then again, that may not exactly fit their sound well. This is an album not to be missed. Every aspect of this is just fucking killer.
I will personally recommend this to everyone I know in the NYDM, those guys will absolutely love this!
Favorite Tracks: Emperor of Darkness, Macabre Satanas, When The Walls In Heaven Turn In Black

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