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The Revenge Of Danish Heavy Metal! 1st full lenght after the MLP "Leather Lucifer" (2008) New singer (Soren-ARTILLERY) and now they have released a true masterpiece of Authentic Heavy Metal the way it meant to be!


Brutalism [4/5]:
This is an interesting album. From the opener ‘Revenge From The North’ you get a thrash vocal delivery colliding with dark traditional metal music with some elements of NWOBHM. There is no denying with a cover of Mercyful Fate’s ‘Come To The Sabbath’, that those Dane’s provided massive inspiration to their fellow countrymen and artist of choice here Serpent Saints, for which ‘All Things Metal’ is their second release following a debut EP that is available on CD and LP.
‘Witchhunt’ has the occult imagery nailed to the cross, the witch trials are in full session bringing forth a vocal sermon harbouring thoughts of classic heavy and speed metal from those halcyon days of the mid 1980’s. Vocal duties are performed by Soren Nico Adamsen (current vocalist with Danish thrashers Artillery), his experience shows and it also explains the familiarity I heard when I first played this release, he displays a different sound to his voice to his other bands, it travels well and it has certainly retained his signature sound through Serpent Saints.
When you release an album that is called ‘All Things Metal’, you better be able to stand up to the task and make it all things to all metal heads. This is a very familiar recording; it reminds me of the days of early 80’s Scandinavian metal, with bands like Witch Cross and other satanic slayers like Evil springs to mind. Every twist, riff and vocal passage is backed up with a tremendous power and the arrangements keep you entertaining, even the point of some self-confessed air guitar work! ‘The Hangedmans Song’ drives out the end of this release, and you simply cannot wait to repeat the whole album experience. Listen to the intro of the aforementioned; you have thumping bass lines pumping out their mite underneath some eerie haunting minor chords, with a song structure very reminiscence of second album onwards Mercyful Fate (you see where the influences are coming from, like I have already mentioned).  Displaying a talent for epic structures, the acoustic interludes add a perfect breakpoint, it’s somewhere to catch your breath, some point to top up with a drink I feel before being thunderstruck when the main song starts helped by some female backing vocal chants. Adding such textures makes some tracks sound like a different or new song, the pleasure continues consistently, I really love this musical style, the band have captured a classic tone but with modern production makes this sound fresh and relevant. Song writers like this are rare in the sphere of what people call “metal”, Serpent Saints have no need for hype or a cult following as they manage to win me over anyway with their sheer bar raising level of talent.
There always has been something different about Danish bands, a particular good quality to their material, Serpent Saints live up to their forerunners and ‘All Things Metal’ is musically evil and at times haunting, which leads me onto the track ‘Witchhunt’, you must check out this! This album has knocked my socks off, from a band I knew nothing about, the NWOBHM inspired riffs, the galloping changing time signatures, the strong vocal delivery, this is what I call metal, and true to Serpent Saints, this IS ‘All Things Metal’.

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