LELAHELL - Al Intihar CD

  • LELAHELL - Al Intihar CD
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Producer: Goressimo

Debut release of sick fucking Classic Death Metal from Algeria! Amazing powerful sound that will cut your head off. Including a bonus video, look for this sickness!

Metal Archives [74/100]:
This is the first time I get to hear Algerian metal. "Encyclopaedia Metallum - The Metal Archives" lists 22 bands from this North African country. Lelahell members (a trio) play or have played in 8 including this new project. So, the scene there isn't very big. However, this article is not about the Algerian metal scene anyways, so let's plunge into 'Al Intihar'...
Lelahell categorise themselves as extreme metal. It is easy to underwrite this thing. While the major part is death metal, and multiple styles of it, black metal also plays a passable role here. 'Emperor' starts with hellishly fast blasting and shredding. Morbid Angel style evil and grotesque death metal is the basis of the song upon which Lelahell add their homeland's musical heritage during slower parts. That means Arabic influences. A short interlude 'Al Moutanabi' takes me back to 1990s Rotting Christ atmospheres, but 'Into the Past' and following two songs dive deeper into Arabic folk music and death metal conglomeration, with some D-beat rocking on the mentioned song. Some melodic work is heard on 'Hermanos'. The songs aren't straight, but Lelahell go through many a segment during these 27 minutes. Sometimes the songs wander off to unexpected paths, and to tell the truth, are quite incoherent. It's pretty close to Immolation's, and why not Nile's, style and feelings at times, but still not working quite as good. Mayhem's 'Freezing Moon' gets covered, being 2 minutes longer than the original song.
The sound is overall good, because everything is audible. Kick drums are triggered, probably because of the fast pace. The drumming deserves a special mention for its variety and characteristics. Guitars are kind of murky, especially the rhythm ones. Vocals are very varying. Many kinds of growling is heard, mostly low, but also pig squealing. Plus anything between the two. There are also black-ish vocals as well as spoken words.
Lelahell's debut is not an easy affair to listen to. It needs attention, but also deserves it. Not really reminding too closely of any other band, Lelahell already have a (they formed in 2011) partly working recipe. Algeria's musical heritage surely serves for them. They are working on the full length album, and it should be an interesting effort, according to this EP.

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