• CONTORTED (BRUTALITY) - Clinically Dead CD
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Producer: Area Death

Long awaited 2nd full length album of sick fucking Death Metal from Tampa Flordia, featuring members of BRUTALITY!!!

CONTORTED was formed in Tampa, FL in 1997, after the last show and break-up of the band BRUTALITY at the infamous "Milwaukee Metal Festival" XI. Three of the members of BRUTALITY went on to forge a new band called CONTORTED. Reaching beyond the limits, CONTORTED performs extreme brutal death-metal, with influences from all types of music. In 2003, after attracting the attention of a Record Label from Poland (Still Dead Productions), CONTORTED signs a recording contract to release their debut 12-Song CD/LP entitled: "Edge of Darkness". The album was recorded and produced by CONTORTED. Still Dead Productions disappears leaving CONTORTED without a label again but with a full length CD.
Since the band's inception, CONTORTED'S existence has spanned almost 15 years. CONTORTED has performed "Live" at shows, festivals and fundraiser events with many bands including: CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, GORGUTS, PATHS OF POSSESSION, MONSTROSITY, DYING FETUS, DIABOLIC, NASTY SAVAGE, ACHERON, ULCER, AMON AMARTH, BURNING INSIDE, LOWBROW, UNHOLY GHOST and MALEVOLENT CREATION to name a few!!
CONTORTEDs "Live" shows Kick Ass! Devastating audiences with unmistakable force, mesmerizing the crowds and capturing their attention! Opening up doors to new dimensions, heavy and pure. The songs consist of a twisted array of intricate harmonies, solid heavy rhythms, killer leads, intense lyrics, brutal-sick vocals and impaling drums. Combined with the experience of performing "Live" on television and also recently featured on an upcoming Motion Picture Film entitled: "The Essence of Irwin"(produced by Downright Swell Prod./Orlando) CONTORTED prove their Superiority!! In 1998, they recorded a 3-song demo called "Grave Intent", in 2002, they recorded a 4-song "self-titled" demo, and then in 2003, they released their ultra-brutal, 5-song "Aftermath" demo and began recording their debut full-length CD/LP ("Edge of Darkness") which was to be released in early 2004!!
And so, the CONTORTED legacy lives on! Named "One of the Best New Bands in Florida" by Rivot Rag Magazine and Cacophony Worldwide Metal Radio, CONTORTED is a must for the hungry masses, unleashing the animal in us all, with talented musical arrangements that form the onslaught of songs like: "Eviscerated", "Reawakening the Pestilence", "Nostradamus", and "Carnage of Withered Remains". If you crave true Death-metal, you wont be disappoint by this skull crushing group!
Contorted Reformed in 2008 with the addition of new members as well as original members Pete Sykes (Brutality and Execration) and Jim Coker (Brutality and Ulcer). Contorted returns with EXTREME HEAVINESS, BRUTALIZING THE SENSES, MANIFESTING APOCALYPTIC RAGE!!
Contorted's new songs consist of titles like : "Death Rides" , "Hated and Scorned" and "The Chronicles of Bundy" to name a few. Sure to Devastate, Contorted will satisfy your Sadistic Metal Thirst! And with plans to record their second FULL-LENGTH CD Entitled "CLINICALLY DEAD" .... CONTORTED WILL CRUSH THE WORLD WITH THIER EXTREME BRUTAL DEATH METAL!

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