AURA HIEMIS / EGO DEPTHS / SCULPTOR - 3-Way Split CD (digipak)

  • AURA HIEMIS / EGO DEPTHS / SCULPTOR - 3-Way Split CD (digipak)
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Producer: Endless Winter

3 way doom split. First band is Chilean Aura Hiems who delivers almost 27 minutes epic of mixture of slow heaviness and occasional bursting out blasts. 2nd band is Ukraine one man doom Ego Depths who plays middle tempo based solemn doom with majestic heavy guitar riffs, atmospheric synth slounds and deep low growl. Last band is Russian one man doom Sculptor who deliver 24 minutes epic. Middle tempo based doom mixing heavy crushing riffs and eerie guitar melodies.

Metal Archives:
I don't usually enjoy the split albums, but when the Russian label "Endless Winter" presented the split album "Synthèse Collectif - The Dark Whormholes" I really changed my mind immediately. The bands Sculptor and Ego Depths and Aura Hiemis created very enjoyable tracks for every doom metal fan around the world, especially the fans of the funeral doom metal music, so if you are ready to live this amazing experience, then you have to play this release right now.
The first track in this album is "Visceral Laments", for the funeral doom/death metal Aura Hiemis from Chile. More than 26 minutes of slow and odd funeral metal elements have been manufactured by this band to present a long piece of doom metal art. The track started with a slow drumming pattern and a heavy guitar tune to get every listener into the atmosphere of the track, but in the middle of the rack the tempo has been changed and a very fast section captured the environment of the track to show a real violent and brutal musical side. The solos and the tune of the lead guitars were really enjoyable because they create a mist of melodies inside the arm of the heavy tune of the rhythm guitar.
The second track "Feed My Ravenous Worms" and "...Into the Empty Maw of Universe" have been performed by the Ukrainian funeral doom metal band Ego Depths. One of the tracks runs for about 14 minutes and the other one runs for about 12 minutes, but both of the tracks have the same atmosphere and the same musical structure. The slow riffing and the repetitive drums pattern capture the whole background behind the growling vocals and the melodies of the lead guitar. The other track also contains the same atmosphere with some new movements, the pattern of the drumming changes from time to time to cover the sound of the riffs in a very dynamic way through the track and the drumming stops its activity at the last minutes of the track, leaving only the sound of the crashes to overcome the cascading riffs that intend to end the song.
The final track in this split is "The Three Shadows" has been performed by the Russian doom/death metal band Sculptor, and it starts its melodies with clean vocals and slow doom metal riffs. The calm energy and the powerful growling boosted the energy of the guitars and the active lead guitar that bend and swim through the texture of the track in a very charming way. The tempo of the track gets faster after passing about 10 minutes of its length, and the energy of the guitars increases for some minutes before a total silence capture the whole atmosphere of the track. And the track finishes its journey with a solid death/doom metal riffing and a very active drumming sections.
In general, this release is recommended for every doom metal fan around the world, because these tracks simply have been created for all of you. Every riff and every melody has been cooked well for all those who enjoy the taste of the slow and atmospheric doom metal art, get your copy now and enjoy the taste of the real doom metal spirit.

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