ORDO INFERUS (FUNEBRARUM) - Invictus Et Aeternus CD (digipak)

  • ORDO INFERUS (FUNEBRARUM) - Invictus Et Aeternus CD (digipak)
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Exactly one year ago, on the strength of their three tracks debut EP alone and despite being spread over two different countries, ORDO INFERUS proved that the whole ‘super-group’ thing wasn’t a word without substance. In fact, in only twelve minutes, they annihilated most of the competition with their own style of death metal originating from the golden era when it was all about heavy and catchy riffing in the service of actual proper songs and not a wanking fest at the speed of light.
Twelve months later, some may have left the building (Daryl Kahan from DISMA and FUNEBRARUM and former NECROPHOBIC Martin Halfan) and others have replaced them (like former NIFELHEIM and current BLACK TRIP axeman Sebastian Ramstedt), guitarist Hempa Brynolfsson and drummer Janne Björkenfjäll are still fueling the machine but as a band, they are stronger than ever.
As a matter of fact the, now 100% Swedish, cohort is about to unleash hell with their debut full-length called ‘Invictus et Aeternus’. With music rooted in classic death metal and none of the members forgotten that good old songwriting will always win over a pile of riffs on the top of each other together with senseless brutality, ORDO INFERUS redefines the word ‘epic’ with this annihilating collection of twelve tracks (nine songs and three instrumentals). Once again set in the Ancient Roman Empire, it tells the story from the creation of Rome to how the whole Empire expanded and united under one flag various tribes and civilizations, with all songs bearing a Latin titles.
But of course this is death fucking metal so the stories are usually being told from a dark point of view. As the band themselves put it: “Let yourself be drawn into the dark side of human nature. Indulge and enjoy punishments such as being condemned to be burned in public, stoned to death for cowardice or fight for your life for public entertainment. Stories of decadent celebrations to the honour of the gods through sacrifice or unlimited lust is told as well as those of the despised yet mysterious diviners doing magical readings in for example animal entrails. One could say no empire, nor glory or strength could exist without gods and their deceitfulness and Rome was no different. This was one of the mightiest empires in history with glory, discipline, power, and a great deal of fear and brutality. This is our homage to Rhea Ilia, Caesar, Saturn and that whole era in human history.”
So all hail Caesar – the invincible and eternal!

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