WATCHMAKER - Erased From The Memory Of Man CD

  • WATCHMAKER - Erased From The Memory Of Man CD
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Producer: Willowtip

The genre of grind is one that doesn't offer much in terms of serenity. There's the down-tuned guitars, short song lengths, blast beats, unbridled aggression: all important ingredients in creating a hallway of distortion and fury. Bands like Boston's very own Watchmaker are a classic example of grind at its disgusting best and Erased From The Memory Of Man is the opus of Watchmaker's short yet unforgettable career.

Opening track "Dawn Of Indifference/Nuked To Ashes" fulfills the promise that Watchmaker are f***ing pissed and you're going to sit down and hear about it. The crushing guitars mixed with feedback and screams that would make grown men cry blaze by at ass kicking speeds and most of the album follows in this same vein. Much of Erased... and its dynamics can feel quite daunting and horrifying as it rips apart your insides with no quarter, and it's all the better for it. "Scaffold Of Deception" begins with a scream that sends waves of shivers down your spine then goes into absolute frenzy mode; these guys are not shy about being insane.

Most of Erased... is like running through a maze of destruction and while it's hard to know where you are heading at times, the journey there is remarkable and freightening. It may be over in a flash, but Watchmaker will leave a mark on your soul from the constant beating you took from listening to Erased From The Memory Of Man. Holy sh**. -- Sputnik Music

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