• DORSAL ATLANTICA - Antes do Fim CD
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Producer: Area Death

Dorsal Atlantica came off a style of thrash-metal with some lashing crossover ideologies on their debut Antes do Fim. However, this release moved on in a number of ways. The music is at a more definable thrash standpoint with some varying, influencing attachments. It is self-described as more technical compared to the last, as well as shows some progressions throughout the release. Along with each song seeming to have its own personality. Their start with the '85 split release of Ultimatum presented a band that would eventually come off a speed-heavy fix. Then switching it up on the debut to become much more aggressive and primitive sounding and siding with hardcore influences underneath. While mixing this with an overall metal standpoint and trying to keep up with some of the death-thrash bands at the time as well. Dorsal Atlantica started out on their full length debut playing a style of primitive thrash-metal that would have some hardcore punk influences: adopting social issues, with a loud bass, brash music and shouted vocals are a reminder. Dividir & Conquistar would share some individualistic aspects of that release. The vocals, bass, and some drum patterns have similarities to each other, and without those prior influences they probably wouldn't be the same. With this second record, Dorsal didn't exactly drop everything about themselves, they just improved the other lacking pieces of theirselves, and they added exceptional levels of memorabilty expanded throughout the recording. Bringing out a greater base of stimulation and an enhanced, recollective thoroughfare. This release gives itself a progressive edge. On a moving and winding road, a road that you don't feel like you are going to drive right off the side. There are bumps, dipes and dives. These could be defined with a controlled feeling, rather than a level dropping in excitement, and safe and far from crashing. Like a multi-level roller coaster that has all of the little climaxes and gravitational pulls while raising your pulse in a composed environment. This is the trip that Dorsal takes you on with their release of Dividir & Conquistar.

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