DORSAL ATLANTICA - Ultimatum + Demos CD

  • DORSAL ATLANTICA - Ultimatum + Demos CD
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One of Brazil's first heavy metal bands, Rio de Janeiro's Dorsal Atlântica predated not only the mid-'80s "golden" era of Brazilian metal (spearheaded by Sepultura), but the end of the rock & roll-stifling military dictatorship that helped make that movement possible. After forming the band as Ness in 1981 with an unknown drummer pal, brothers Carlos (aka Carlos Vãndalo, vocals/guitar) and Claudio Lopes (bass) picked their group's new name (which refers to the sub-aquatic mountain range splitting the Atlantic Ocean) at random out of an encyclopedia. With no local rock, never mind heavy metal scene to speak of, the trio managed all of nine shows and a 1982 demo in the next few years, finally cutting their first official release -- a split LP with Metalmorphose entitled Ultimatum -- for strategic release on the first day of the legendary Rock in Rio Festival, in January 1985. As one would expect, the music was fast, raw, and energetic (somewhere between Judas Priest and proto-thrash), but came with the caveat that all lyrics were written and sung in Portuguese -- which wasn't a problem just then, but would become a major hurdle when it came time to expand the band's career overseas. But, for the time being, Dorsal Atlântica was making slow and steady progress, and, after finding their first "metal-minded" drummer in Carlos Animal (later replaced by one Hardcore), they would undertake ever more extended touring engagements throughout. Ultimatum captures the urgency of the first days of heavy metal in Brazil, with all the energy and the raw need of expression of a generation grown under the heel of tyranny. This is a manifesto for the power of heavy metal and a strong scream for freedom from one of the most legendary band out of Brasil. This special edition features the original Ultimatum tracks plus ten bonus songs taken from live shows, demos and rehearsals!

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