LURK - Kaldera CD (digipak)

  • LURK - Kaldera CD (digipak)
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Producer: Doomentia

The four individuals hidden behind that ugly and ferocious monster known as LURK don’t like tags. Not only because it’d make them look as if they were actually looking at other bands for inspiration but also because it’d limit them. Sure thing, the words ‘dark’ and ‘fucking heavy’ are the most common words uttered with both admiration and fear about them, closely followed by ‘doom’, ‘sludge’ and whatever else suggest a form of music that takes a special pride in crushing its listeners until nothing is left but a vulgar mass of mangled flesh. But even more than their self-titled debut album released two years ago on both TOTALRUST (CD version) and SVART (LP version), their new creation ‘Kaldera’ dares taking another step into the unknown…
As they’re saying themselves, over the last two years, strengthened by multiple shows in their native Finland and around their home base of Tampere, they have developed into “a more complex beast, collecting more shades into our palette. The shifting, raw and at times very spontaneous manifestation of musical ideas is still the key, accompanying the determined and slow, crushing sounds of our doom.” Hell, there’s even shades of melody to be found in those dark ruins dedicated to humanity’s failure. But first and foremost, what those eight tracks will prove with a hammer is how bloody catchy LURK has become.
Even if they might evoke to some a CROWBAR LP played at the half of its normal speed or maybe the depressing rumblings of ZATOKREV, those are just almost random points as LURK sound like no-one...but LURK. Enter ‘Kaldera’ at your own peril!

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