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Ambient, atmospheric post-black metal vs experimental/progressive metal; both bands come from Greece!

Released nearly a month after the bands most recent full-length, 'Sentinel,' Spectral Lore partners up with fellow Greeks in Locust Leaves for this two song split album. Limited to just 300 numbered copies (mine is 235), the split comes packaged in what looks almost like an album sized matchbook, while the CD itself is in a paper sleeve, which has the lyrics from both bands printed in English and Greek. Spectral Lore kicks off the split with the fifteen minute, 'Duty,' which begins with a slightly calmer and more melodic approach than the material found on 'Sentinel.' Noticeably, Ayloss opts for a more raspy shrieking vocal style rather than the guttural approach from the album, though the main vocals are complemented with some cleaner and more narrative moments too. For the first several minutes the song moves between this style with a slightly progressive edge and what feels like a myriad of riffs before arriving to a smooth acoustic section shortly after the six minute mark. Moving between both acoustic and heavier parts for the next few minutes, the song reaches a point of utter chaos and with a underscore of epicness somewhere after the eight and half minute line, and continues as so until a little into the eleventh minute. From there the ensuing lead is absolutely beautiful and majestic in its delivery while the song evens out and gives way to a few remaining minutes of heroic symphonic ambiance and militaristic percussion as this unbelievable piece of music fades away. Overwhelmingly gorgeous, is the only way I could describe it... WOW! Locust Leaves continues the split with a song titled, 'Promise,' though a little background on the band is surely needed. Locust Leaves have been secretly making music for about ten years now, though I believe this is the first material released in any sort of physical format, thus sort of unlocking the secret. I'm really not sure if Locust Leaves is a solo effort like Spectral Lore, but one thing is for sure and that happens to be that this band has influenced Ayloss' work greatly. 'Promise' initially hits harder and more up front, again quite melodic and filled with riffs. The beginning offers up a few parts that sound distinctively death metal, pummeling and aggressive, though the song largely lacks the more atmospheric touch of, 'Duty,' at first. Shortly into the third minute, the song goes soft with lush acoustics, and a spoken passage amongst a more progressive backbone as the song continues. From there the vocals shift to a more gravely sick rasp while the music itself stays rather tranquil but moves towards a more aerial and slightly epic territory with cleanly spoken vocals for its remaining time. Totaling in at just a little under thirty minutes, this split allows the listener a passage into the world of these two unique Greek entities. Seeing that its quite limited I'd have to advise you to act fast, because its absolutely worth it regardless if just two songs are present. It should be interesting to see if the next album from Spectral Lore is similar to this, 'Sentinel' or something completely different. Similarly, I look forward to hearing more from Locust Leaves as soon as possible. - Lunarhypnosis

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