DEPRESSOR - Hell Storms Over Earth CD

  • DEPRESSOR - Hell Storms Over Earth CD
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The ultimate and final compendium of long lost and unreleased songs from San Francisco's legendary industrial/death metal/crust cult Depressor, remastered, re-packaged and elevated to the status of audio/visual shrine in honor of one of the heaviest and most elusive and visionary underground American punk/metal bands of our times.

"Hell Storms Over Earth" is the final statement in what was Depressor's glorious late 90's/early 00's "crust era", when the band abandoned the polished and well-produced Godflesh-worshiping drum machine-based industrial metal sound of its early and mid 90's beginnings (as seen in the iconic "Filth" and "Grace" demo releases) and opted to home-record everything thereafter on a four track recorder and steer their sound toward a more death metal/crust hybridized sound influenced by bands like Amebix, Celtic Frost, GISM, Voivod, Discharge and Napalm Death. This move pushed the band's sound over the edge into a void of despair and yielded a blown out low end dirty sound of utmost rawness and hatred. These are not only long lost or downright never before heard tracks from a legendary Bay Area cult band then at the forefront of change and renovation, but a priceless document of their times, a snapshot of an era long gone and forgotten, and a window opened into a time of turmoil and struggle which yielded some of the most dark, visionary and thought-provoking punk/metal hybridizations of our times. 

Tracks 1-3 previously unreleased, from planned and then cancelled Disclose split 7" (RIP Kawakami)
Tracks 4-6 from 2000 split 7" with Agathocles
Tracks 7-12 from 1998 debut Depressor 7" "打倒一切权威主义" ("Down With All Authoritarianism")
Tracks 13-15 from 2003 split 7" with Unholy Grave
Tracks 16-18 from 1999 Depressor demo tape

Re-mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound

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