STILLBIRTH - Back The The Stoned Age CD

  • STILLBIRTH - Back The The Stoned Age CD
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Product categories: CD
Producer: Rottenroll

6th full length of this German band playing brutal death metal. Old songs re-recorded with actual line up + unreleased new songs.

1. Riot auffer Buehne 2.0
2. Open Up this fkn Pit 2.0 (feat. Vivien Rue from Embrace Your Punishment
3. Endgame is Near 2.0
4. Human Parasite 2.0
5. Chainsaw vs. Face 2.0 (feat. Kaushal LS from GUTSLIT & GODLESS)
6. Beating Pacifists 2.0 (feat. Vladislav Martirosov from Extermination Dismemberment )
7. Global Error 2.0
8. Individual Related 2.0 (feat. Iiro Kosonen from Cumbeast )
9. Legalize It
10. Steuerklasse 1 Und Keiner Sagt Danke 2.0 (feat. Larry Wang from Maggot Colony - 蠅蛆殖民地 and Gorepot(血麻))
11. Addicted to Abortion 2.0
12. On The Edge Of Society 2.0 (feat. Julien Truchan from Benighted )
13. Brootal Party 2.0 (feat. Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia & Xavlegb... & Technopath)

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